Bio - RyanBudhu

My photography is inspired by New York City specifically, and inspired by urbanism generally. I am a life-long New Yorker. I also work as an attorney for the City of New York, where I work on litigation that impacts the day-to-day life of New Yorkers. As seen in my photography, I have a keen interest in urban planning (involving the overall physical structure of the City) and urban sociology (the underlying culture of the City). My photography is my attempt to explore both the planning and sociology of the City of New York. This results in three main focuses: 1) rooftop and cityscape photography (mainly focusing on the structures that make up the City); 2) street level photography (mainly focusing on the interaction between the people who live in the City and the physical structure itself); and 3) urban portraiture (mainly focused on specific persons and their current experience as defined by the City, whether it is in the subway, waiting for a cab, etc.). While giving the appearance of an objective reality, my photographs are my subjective vision of New York City; they are not New York as it is, rather, my photographs are New York as I want it to be. Within the four corners of the photograph, I enjoy complete control over that universe. Outside of photographing New York City, I love articulating my experiences through images. I enjoy the mental exercise of choosing a theme, picking out a subject, pairing it with pleasing geometric shapes, and composing an image.

My previous projects have been to document the construction and rise of the World Trade Center site and the annual Tribute in Light 9/11 memorial. I also have ongoing projects from various rooftops in the City, an ongoing Times Square project, and a subway image. My subway series, which is in the first year of a three year project, is modeled after Walker Evans subway series where he transported a 35mm camera in his coat. This series is directed at capturing the various facial expressions of commuters. I am lucky to shoot this series exclusively with my Fuji x100s. My Times Square project is focused on capturing the interactions between pedestrians and the surrounding area. This series is directed at capturing the physical movements of pedestrians within the urban grid of the City. 

I am inspired by the images of New York City taken by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Bernice Abbott, Diane Arbus, Joel Meyerwitz, Steve McCurry, Garry Winogrand, Nill Brandt, Robert Frank, and countless others. I capture my images digitally with Fuji X series mirrorless cameras and, as to film, with large format cameras. My work has been, among others, licensed by Bank of America, Citibank, NBC Universal, FUSE, Columbia Pictures, Credit Suisse, and Honeywell. My work has also been featured on national television and in national and international print publications. My photos of the Tribute in Light are currently used by the Municipal Art Society to fund the yearly memorial.

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