Times Square from Above

Times Square from Above

The above shot was taken from 1540 Broadway. The former Bertelsmann Building, now known as 1540 Broadway, is a 44-story, 733 foot office tower in Times Square in Manhattan, New York City, standing at West 45th Street. I was in the building for a client meeting and I couldn't resist shooting through the glass. This was shot through the window glass as the sun was setting in the West. 

This shot was slightly difficult because of the dierty windows and the relatively bright lights of Times Square. Specifically, it was difficult to capture the dynamic range in this photo because of the extreme highlights in the billboards and the darkness in the shadows at street level. Moreover, the smudges and streaks from the windows were apparent in many shots. 

As a result, I tried to find a clean area of glass, covered over my camera as to minimize reflections and exposed my shots a full stop darker than metered. The result was decent. I had to up the shadows in post processing, which was done in lightroom, and added a little blue split toning in the shadows. 

Exif data

Camera Fujifilm X100S

Exposure 0.111 sec (1/9)

Aperture f/8.0

Focal Length 23 mm

ISO Speed 200

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