Union Square at Night - RyanBudhu

Union Square at Night

 I am incredibly terrible at blogging. I have attempted to start blogging (and subsequently launching a bog)  at least three times. However, this time I hope will be different. I am committed to continually updating my blog and making it a way for those interested in how and where I capture my images.

This particular shot is publicly accessible and anyone can get this view. It is from the top floor of the Union Square Burlington Coat Factory. The top floor offers a great view of Union Square Park and the Midtown skylight right behind it. I got to the location just after Blue Hour. However, there was a little bit of blueish color left due to the full Moon. 

In terms of processing, this was taken with my trusty Fuji x100s, and processed in Lightroom. This type of shot is a little tricky because of the dirty windows that you have to shoot through. I underexposed the image slightly so that the dirt spots on the window were not visible. I upped the contrast in post and I added split toning of orange highlights and blue shadows. 

Exif data

Camera Fujifilm X100S

Exposure 8.5

Aperture f/8.0

Focal Length 23 mm

ISO Speed 200

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